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Hijab is essentially a head covering worn by Muslim women in order to preserve their modesty. However, the term is also use to describe the dress code of the Muslim woman which constitutes covering the entire body in terms of dressing modestly. Therefore Hijab is used to describe the head scarf or modest dress worn by women, who are required to cover everything except face and hands.

The Hijab is essentially a square or triangular type of a scarf that is supposed to be pinned beneath the chin. The head scarf is supposed to cover the head, hair, neck and usually has a face veil to cover the face. However there are various styles to wear the hijab.
Basic Tie Style: The most basic style is called Babushka, which imparts the Eastern European look. The scarf is either tied under the neck or behind the head.
Basic Pin Style: This is the common style of donning the Hijab. In this both sides of the scarf are pinned under the chin. Pin and Knot Style: This style follows the basic pin style and the two ends are loosely knotted in the middle so that they drape down softly.
High Pin Style: In this the tails of the scarf are not let hanging loose and instead the right tail is wrapped under the chin and then pinned at top of the back of the head with a decorative pin.

There are many other styles to wear the Hijab and certain styles may require a fair deal of practice to master the art. Mostly Hijabs are available in square shapes and the approximate sizes may vary from 40" x 40", 50" x 50" or 60" x 60". Large sizes facilitate maximum coverage for the face, neck and chest. The plain varieties suit all faces and skin tones and are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Usually Hijabs are made of cotton or polyester. However the more expensive ones are also available in silk, chiffon or georgette. The fancier varieties are suitable for holidays or special occasions whereas the plain or patterned hijabs are recommended for social or every day wear. However, for the tropical climates and during summer time cotton Hijabs are highly favored. Hijabs blend perfectly well with just about any attire; be it western, jilbabs, dresses, abayas or salwar kameez.

Pyramid hijabs called "chanis" look quite appealing but are not too long enough to cover the chest. These tend to be more ornate with lacing, beading or sequins and are available in a wide assortment of colors and patterns. The polyester scarves are more expensive than the cotton ones and tend to be slippery on the hair and not too comfortable for the hot and humid climates. Then there is silk, the most favored and princely fabric. Although they come with a price tag, it is a priced possession for anyone who wants to don it for those special occasions. Georgette and chiffon on the other hand give a very professional look and feel and need to be treated with care.

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