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Earrings are a piece of jewellery worn on the ear, most commonly by women. Like with any jewellery item earrings are essentially made of metal or similar hard materials either precious, semi precious or just plain metal, glass, beads, precious gems or stones etc. In India, the tradition of piercing the ears of new born babies is widely practiced. Different shapes, styles and patterns in earrings are available suited to individual or regional tastes and trends. Different earring designs are created to complement various fashion trends be it Indian, western or Indo-western. Earrings are essentially available in two types - Pierced and clip on. Pierced earrings require the wearer to have his/her ear pierced and the clip on style comprises of a clip like attachment.

Different types of Earrings

Stud Earrings - Stud earrings are commonly worn as an everyday wear by women and quite seldom by men as well. Studs consist of a circular rounde protuberance (from the front). The end of the post penetrates through the piercing in the ear which is secured by a screw at the back of the ear lobe. These again are available in various designs and the cost depends on the degree of craftsman ship and type of gems, stones or metal used. Many inexpensive studs are also available which are popular among young girls who would like to complement their attires with different colors and designs of studs.
Hoop Earrings - Hoop earrings are also called "baali" or Baaliyan" in Hindi. They are characterized by a circular or semi-circular design. Hoop earrings are made of metal tubing which is attached to a thin wire that penetrates the ear. The hoop earrings are further divided into the following designs:
- One hoop earring design comprises of a half circle design and is attached to a wire or post to pierce through the ear.
- The other design comprises of a continuous piece of solid metal in circular or semi-circular designs.
- A special type of hoop earring is also called the "sleeper earring". This is a very small continuous piece of (typically) gold wire which essentially touches the base of the earlobe with the ends connecting in the back. These are extremely comfortable to wear and can be worn even while sleeping, hence the specific term assigned to it.
Jhumkas or Dangle Earring - Dangle earrings in Hindi are commonly called "Jhumkas". These are essentially flowy in design in terms of length, which ranges from a few centimeters or two to even reaching the shoulders. Long ornate Jhumkas are worn on formal occasions.
Slave Earrings - These types of earrings are worn to balance and divide the weight of the usually heavy versions of danglers. In this a stud is connected by a delicate chain to the ear cuff worn higher on the ear. These adornments are worn on formal occasions by women especially on weddings.
Ear Cuff - Ear cuff is a curved band of metal that is pressed onto the helix of the ear.
Stick-On Earrings - Stick-on earrings consist of an adhesive that sticks to the skin of the earlobe and perfectly complement any stud earrings. These are a particularly popular among the younger generations.

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