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Indian footwear comprises of many traditional designs and styles which essentially depict its rich historical and cultural heritage. In fact since time immemorial, Indian tradition holds the feet as venerable especially for the age old sages as well as that of elders. Hence the tradition of adorning the feet in ethnic and regal footwear has never seemed to abate. The regal and ornate designs which were essentially inspired from the Mughal period, has only evolved over the years and added a fillip to the Indian ethnic and traditional footwear.

The traditional footwear essentially comprises of Mojaris, Punjabi Juttis, Kolhapuris, Leather Shoes, Handmade shoes and beaded shoes. All these essentially complement Indian ethnic or Indian casual wear perfectly. These are available for both males and females usually in varied colors and sizes.

Juttis and Mojaris are basically royal Indian footwear which goes perfectly with traditional Indian clothing like churidar, sherwani, salwar suit or even sari. These can be worn by men, women as well as kids. Most of these are cleverly handcrafted and ornately designed with colored threads, beads, fabrics and the like. The Juttis find their genesis in the state of Punjab, India and are very similar to majaris. They are usually made of fine leather and skillfully handcrafted with embroidered threads and/or beads. Juttis and Mojaris are slip-on in style wherein the upper shoe is embroidered and covers the back of the feet till the Achilles tendon. However, different designs and styles have evolved while perfectly retaining its regal flavor.

The beaded variety of juttis is commonly worn by women. These are again skillfully handcrafted in superior quality leather and embroidered with beads in different colorful patterns to create vibrant and unique designs. This kind of footwear is extremely comfortable and wearable especially during hot climates. These can also be customized according to the customer's likes in terms of customized designs and embroidery in different colored beads and bead sizes. These again complement Indian ethnic and formal wear depicting the rich Indian artistic styles. Most of the juttis are flat; however heeled versions are also available.

Kolhapuri slippers are also skillfully handcrafted into beautiful intricate patterns. These are made of fine quality leather usually obtained from the hides of bulls, cows and goats. Depicting the rich ethnic Indian tradition, this footwear has amassed great popularity in India as well as internationally. This is primarily because they feature a distinct uniqueness in terms of style and elegance; it can be worn by both genders and is available for all age groups. Furthermore, this footwear is reasonably priced and is good value for money due to its durability quotient. The price is set depending on the level of craftsmanship involved and the quality of leather used in its making. Various design patterns and colors are available catering to a wide variety of styles and fashion tastes.

Casual chappals/slippers and sandals are also largely manufactured in India, usually of non-leather material. These are available either with a typical traditional or modern appeal. We have got a wide range of Indian shoes available with us for direct purchase. Our product range includes all types of Indian Footwear for Men and Women, Shoes, Mojaris, Punjabi Juttis, Kolhapuris, Leather Shoes, Handmade Shoes, Beaded Shoes etc.

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