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The Kurta is a traditional form of clothing worn in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. It is essentially a loose fitted shirt and falls just above or below the knees. It is usually paired with salwar, jeans or trousers. It is a versatile garment suitable for both formal and informal occasions.

The traditional kurta comprises of rectangular fabric pieces with a few gusset inserts. The cut is plain and imple, although certain designs may feature decorative patterns. The sleeves are simple and plain; they do not narrow and fall straight to the wrist and are usually not cuffed. However it may also feature embroidery or other embellishments. The side seams are left open for 6-12 inches above the hem to facilitate movement for the wearer.

Most of the traditional kurtas open at the front. The front opening is often a hemmed slit in the fabric, tied or buttoned at the top. However, certain designs may feature plackets instead of slits and/or buttons at the shoulder seam. Most kurtas feature an opening centered on the chest while others could have it off center. The other dominant characteristic of the kurta is that it features "mandarin collars" or stand-up collars. However, the traditional designs do not have a collar. The kurta is an ideal garment for summers as well as winters. Kurtas made of thin silk or cotton fabrics are suitable for summer season. Winter season kurtas are made of thicker fabric such as wool (as in Kashmiri kurtas) or Khadi silk, a thick, coarse, handspun and hand-woven silk that may be mixed with other fibers.

Kurtas are usually fastened at the front with tasseled ties, cloth balls and loops, or buttons. This outfit is available in myriad fabrics, designs and patterns. The designs could be simple and plain or moderately to heavily embellished to cater for a wide variety of fashion tastes as well as occasions. The most common decorative technique is however embroidery. Many light summer kurtas feature Chikan embroidery around the hems and front opening. This embroidery is typically executed on light, semi-transparent fabric in a matching thread. The look is typically traditional and ornate with subtle nuances of modernity.

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