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Bollywood Preity Zinta Style Ethnic Indian Long Skirt for Women - It's the latest in Indian fashion !

After films like Lakshya, Yuva and Hum Tum, the crinkled skirt, worn by the leading female stars in the movies, is making waves. These skirts are on a huge popularity roll. All those who wouldn't be caught dead in a mini and feel regular skirts are frumpy, are opting for the crinkled variety these days. Unlike circle skirts that could add girth or the A-line skirt that could show up a not-so-perfect figure, the crinkled skirt can hide many flaws in its folds. They are very popular because they are easy maintenance. They can be worn with bustiers, spaghetti strap tops, belts and bags.

Indian filmmakers are going back to the Indian look. Both in Yuva and Lakshya, leading ladies Kareena Kapoor and Preity Zinta go for the kitsch look - long ethnic skirts, kurtis and kohl-rimmed eyes. Every few years, a particular part of the world gains prominence now it's India, be it Jaipur, bandhini or bhangra with hip hop. This year, there has been inspiration from the costumes of Rajasthani, Gujarati and Spanish gypsies too. Bollywood, of course, is right up there.

The advantage of this skirt is that it can be accessorised with dupattas, scarves, short kurtas and little strappy tops. It is like the Rajasthani lehenga - the more accessories you add, you can get the gypsy look and if you wear it with a scarf, the look turns formal. It looks good on almost everyone, which perhaps explains why it's in such hot demand.