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Indian Wedding Bangles : Mama Chura (Set Of Bridal Bangles in Maroon / Red & White) - Bridal Bangle Set. Available for Sale here is a set of Mama Chura (Wedding Bangles) consisting of 4 dozen bangles.
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Ladies Wedding Bangles

These find a great demand to wear with plain or embroidered salwar kameez, churidar kameez, sharara kurta or Punjabi suit (a dress as popular as the traditional Indian Saree / Sari) and tribal belly dancing outfits and also a great match with western styles like skirts, jeans and pants as well. These have become a choice in accessories for ladies in parties and formal gatherings.

These are so beautiful that whoever sees them would like to own these. You will be the centre of attraction wearing these bangles, while attending any wedding reception, Indian marriage or formal parties.

In a typical Punjabi wedding the activities begin weeks before the actual marriage ceremony takes place. As friends and relatives pour in, the wedding home starts acquiring a carnival like atmosphere. After the formal engagement the real festivities begin.

One of the most important ritual connected with the bride's wedding is Churha or the bangles ceremony, where the maternal uncle (mama) of the bride cover the bride's wrists with and a set of white and red bangles called CHURA (Wedding Bangles) for the girl. Hence it is also known as Mama Chura. Light ornaments of beaten silver and gold called kalira are tied to the bangles of the churha.

A Punjabi bride’s wedding adornment includes red and white bridal bangles, gold jewelry, and intricate henna painting, highlighting her natural beauty and showcases her simple and elegant taste in clothes and jewelry. After the bridal bath, the bride is wrapped in bagh and made to wear the chura (bangles of red and white) and the kaliras (the tinsel wedding ornaments) that are tied to bangles by sisters and friends of the bride. Then she puts on her wedding attire. A few hours before the arrival of the baraat the bride dresses up in the traditional bright colored heavily embroidered salwaar-kameez.

The bride wears tradional heavy gold jewelry and tikka in the parting of her hair (a glittering pendent on her head). She drapes her head and shoulders with the dupatta, a richly embroidered mantle. A nath adorns her nose. The bride, in red, and gold-laden with ivory chura worn in hand, gently glides out with her friends, her petal feet giving out music of nupur to scatter flowers on "his" way and receives " him". Wedding atmosphere prevails in both the families and women assemble and sing songs of marriage to the accompaniment of drums eulogizing the valour of the boy and the beauty of the girl.